Biggest Pile of Pigeon Poo Discovered

Biggest Pile of Pigeon Poo Discovered

25 Tonnes of Pigeon Poo

25 tonnes of pigeon poo has been removed from an ancient English monument.

The massive mushy mess almost three feet deep was discovered deep inside the towers of the historic Landgate Arch in Rye, East Sussex. Had the pigeon poo not been removed, it would have continued to build up and cause structural damage to the towers. The piles of pigeon poo are acidic and can damage stonework.

What does 25 tonnes of pigeon poo look like?

Mike Walker, Managing Director for CountyClean Environmental Services said: “Whilst we’ve removed other massive blockages such as giant fatbergs in sewers, we have never seen such a monumental mass of festering faeces before.”

“The build up of pigeon poo behind the doors was so big we had to force the them open. Once inside, it was like walking on a giant chocolate cake and the smell was awful – even through a facemask.”

“The floors of the towers and the steps leading to the top were swamped with 25 tonnes of pigeon poo. We filled our tanker several times over”

The build-up of bird droppings has happened behind locked doors. There is no public access to the towers.

Rother District Council who own the ancient monument dating back to the year 1340, discovered the guano and arranged for specialist contractor CountyClean Environmental Services to clean up the mess using a custom built combination tanker.

The tanker provides high pressure jetting and can simultaneously suck up the waste and water.

Work is due to be completed by Friday 27 February and traffic management is in place on East Cliff until then. The road has not been closed.

Residents and visitors, will be able to visit the local businesses as normal.

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